Why I buy food locally for health and politics

 Sometimes when I try to explain to people why I do what i do in the kitchen, I get all caught up over myself trying to describe too many ideas at once.  I realized today that partially it is because I tend to wrap my love of food, politics and nutrition into one pretty little savory pastry package and then try to sugar coat it.

I want to be more eloquent when I describe the direct connection between what we put into our bodies, our health, and the health of the world around us.

Buying locally reduces:

  • the worlds pollution from transporting goods
  • unequal food distribution because of food fads and our exotic preferences
  • chemicals from trying to keep food fresh for long periods
  • irradiation out of fear of our exotic preferences
  • the disassociation of our body with our surroundings

Eating simply lets you explore basic nutrition and the subtleties and possibilities of flavour within certain food groups. 

Trying not to store my food in plastic is a way to conserve petroleum and minimize exposure to estrogen-mimicking compounds. 

Trying to avoid dairy, but also soy milk (and meat replacement soy products) which has sprung up as a replacement industry and still has the damaging effects of mass production/processed food.

Every single thing I do has been thought though at some time or another to the point where I may have indeed strayed from my original thoughts and simply adopted a lifestyle that I see fit.  But then, isn't that the point? 
My lifestyle, and what I choose to spend my time and money on in a daily basis… well what greater control do I have over the world than that? 
It is both political and integral to my health as a cellular and spiritual being.  (and I mean Made of cells! not living in the microwave era!!  –true as that may be)

I guess what I'm pointing out is live conscious, eat conscious, shop conscious, and feed your loves ones with care…and let's take it from there.

P.S. but please don't take away my coffee and cinnamon… or chocolate…and nuts, do nuts grow in Canada? Did I mention we should all try not to judge each other too?….
and bananas, avocados…. cheese from Europe, sushi…

One thought on “Why I buy food locally for health and politics”

  1. I love buying local! up here in the North we don’t have such a choice in the winter except for meats- Bison from the neighbours in Red Rock, Poulrty from neighbours in Vanderhoof and stored root vegetables. Ahh but in the summer? Now we are talking backyard or just up the street fresh herbs, leafy things of all kinds, veggies of all kinds and raspberries and apples galore! Then there is our best kept secret: Soda Creek corn! Now you have never tasted anything so delightful except maybe in Peru! There just is no comparison, the flavour, texture and pure gustatory delight of ‘close to home food’.

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