Which corners are we cutting?

ok so everybody gotta choose their poison
eveybody gotta see what matters most
everyone has a different take on things
and pretty much anything goes

vit D or the sun
macrobiotics or supplements
eat meat
eat beans
eat protein shakes in a glass
consume less
consume closer to natural state
we are natural functional beings that we strive closer and closer to understanding but there is always just a bit of that magic out of our reach that makes us tick
makes us live
makes us us
hard to pin, poke, ultrasound, scope, magnify, prod, x-ray, staple, stitch, or nail it down

the plants live it
so eating them feeds us some of it
at the extreme people fast, eat only fallen fruit, live on ether
but eating feels natural
sure we abuse it, but its one thing we can agree on from the time we are born, wherever we are, whatever food is available
we eat, it is instinctive, we shouldn’t take it for granted or think that it doesn’t affect our every aspect of being
from how we think, feel, energize, give, and give back

how do you cut your corners?

One thought on “Which corners are we cutting?”

  1. OK I admit, it has been several years since I have been back here to toxinthecity, but my personal experience is balance, balance balance. In physical- eating, exercise etc., spiritual and mental areas; It is all about balance. If you focus on balance you don’t get swept away by the latest fad, focus or money making promotion.

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