where do i fit in?

Now i probably shouldn’t start a health food style blog expounding upon my theories of objectivity and whether it exists… so mabye i’ll start with a story:

Once upon a time there was a cute little health food store manager (hey i can tell it however i want!)… and every prince and princess in the land would come to buy vitamins from her…ok off track, sorry

She had a sick cat and was living in a strange town. 

cutesickcat She tried to find the most natural vet type place she could, but ended up with the usual “pump ‘em up, keep ‘em here, force feed and make ye feel guilty if you question them” style place.  3 days and hundreds of dollars later i was allowed to take her home and they Still had no idea.
Then she got sick in a different way, so i made the long drive to a more naturally based vet.  She spoke my language!  She did not want to immediately pump Tessie full of  drugs, wondered if the previous vets may have caused this reaction, used the test results i already had in hand, and used homeopathic and herbal/nutritional remedies.  I was super syched!
Somehow it came up that i managed a health food store, and Then it came up that i was unfamiliar with one of the amino-acid based medicines she was talking about.  THEN she said that people like me were the problem with the health food industry. (frontline people who don’t know enough —paraphrasing here)

hmmm.  well, i had no answer for that….(although you can bet i did tessiecatweblater!). i paid some more hundreds of dollars and left happy for my cat but kinda uncomfortable for myself.

was she right?
should i know more?
am i wasting my own and everyone elses time?
then i wondered how much expertise she would be willing invest in if she was making retail wages?
and would she be willing to field All the questions I got in a day, just for the love of it and in the detail she seemed to think neccessary?
would people know she existed if there weren’t communities and stores paving the way and pointing in her direction?
what Should my role as a selling person be when really all anyone wants when they walk in the store is INFORMATION PLEASE!! (and free please..)

my basic personal tenants are pretty simple:  You are what you eat, breathe, and think…. but i am definitely Not above taking an ibuprofen when i can’t move or think due to cramps because i haven’t yet fixed all my hormonal balances and i got shit to do! (can you swear in a blog?)

There are so many schools of thought, so many ways of describing the body and the world around us and i think health food stores are a gateway that people can use to glimpse possibilities.  I don’t know the right answers (and we definitely are not allowed to phrase our sentences in ways that might make people think we do!) and besides everyones path to health is a little subjective.

(so health yerself!)

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