waldorf gone sesame!

My own version of a Waldorf salad comes directly from Faulty Towers, episode:  Walfdorf Salad.  Basically celery, walnuts, apples and mayonnaise are my favorite parts….and those of you who saw my last post will be happy to know i purchased some organic mayonnaise in a jar for now.

Now, for some reason unfathomable to me, I can't seem to find anyone in Vancouver who likes the mayo!  Is it just me?  Has that beautiful white creamy dressing gone so far out of fashion that dry salad is actually preferable?  Will i Really have to dip my pizza crusts in marinara sauce? 

So in an effort to not force my mayonnaise fetish on others, and while surprise entertaining, i was sprung into new-salad concocting mode. 

what i had: (so i thought)

  • shredded cabbage
  • mayonnaise
  • walnuts
  • apple
  • salt/pepper
  • lemon

Now i think that would have been a very reasonable approximation of a good salad, However, "add yer own mayo" seems odd to me.  Now comes the good part:  My friend Monica (a definite Non-Mayo enthusiast!) suggested sesame oil, which led to sesame seeds (toasted)  and created a scenario where (gosh darn it!) i didn't even need to add Mr. Mayo!! 


SO, the final version being:

Sesame Waldorf

  • shredded cabbage
  • walnuts, chopped
  • apple, chopped (if organic, skin on), lemon squeezed over to keep from browning
  • sesame seeds toasted, with a dash of toasted sesame oil

try adding:

avocado on the side, organic chicken or cheese for added protein, a dash of flax oil for omega-3 (your walnuts and sesame have the omega-6's).


simple and yum!  (thanks Monica)

and yes!.. i tend to trust instinct over measurements… it's liberating really..

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