Vancouver & Vitamin D should be a Mandatory Combination

They already make us pay premiums on healthcare here in BC, unlike any other province in the country, they may as well do something useful like give you a discount on your fees if you are taking vitamin D.. especially if you live in Vancouver.  November is the time you start to realize that if you work in an office, you can easily go all week without seeing the sun which rises at 8am and sets at 4:30.

Here, more than anywhere I've ever lived, have I noticed the complete scarcity of sunshine.  When there is a glimmer, people flock to the streets and the coffee shops, hoping to get a little warmth on their faces before the inevitable return of cloud cover and drizzle.

I've recommended Vitamin D a lot in my life for people who work inside or have depressive tendancies, or even wear too much sunscreen, this is the first time I've prescribed it for myself.  I found this great raw form from Garden of Life that has been working well so far.  (On the test subjects of myself and fiance – not exactly a controlled experiment, but we can get very cranky!!)

It's been a short time, but I have found myself with a slightly brighter take on my life, even as my sleep stays deprived.  One thing at a time.

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