Talking to myself again..

It is time to get your B-vitamins, Bio-K, protein/fibre powder and stop eating that cheese!  You've been a very bad girl and you are starting to feel tired and crappy. You have no one to blame but yourself.

Weakness 1: wheat

why?  it is easy and tasty and cheap.

alternatives? more expensive, harder to find, nobody else wants to eat them with me and i love to share.

what is so bad about it?  it tends to be extremely processed, it is in EVERYTHING, I am blood type O so it produces harmful lectins for me, gluten and my stomach don't get along.  But oh for a good bowl of pasta!  I want it!  It makes me very happy!  and then it sends me into a pasta coma….


Weakness 2:  chocolate

why?  duh!  sugar, caffeine, fat and love all mixed into a food.

alternatives?  no…. just no

what is so bad about it?  the good stuff is pricey, the cheap stuff is full of everything BUT chocolate… The sugar keeps the hypoglycemic addiction running, feeds the yeast in the body, keeps me awake at night, makes me want more the next day.


Weakness 3:  dairy

why?  So very comforting and satisfying, melty, filling for the belly when there is no meat to be had, VERY easy to work with and makes everything taste good.  Oh, and is a very good excuse to drink wine.  Ok, clearly I have an issue as my own category was "dairy"… and clearly all I've written about is cheese…  Well, that is my Achilles heel.

alternatives?  Nothing quite like it (cheese i mean).  I have substituted oil, salt and avocado for the "satisfying-ness" of it in the belly.  Almond milk is a great milk substitute for me, I use it in everything from smoothies, to ovaltine, to pancakes.  Yogurt I am ok with.

what is so bad about it?  hard to digest, bad for blood type O, hard on the liver apparently.  I've been told from a Naturopath, 2 energy workers, Chinese doctors and my own evidence that it is bad for me.  Blocks me up and gives me things like eczema and foggy brain.  My energy is much higher when I don't eat it.


All this self analysis is stressing me out, so i think I'm gonna go make cheese sticks now… but i will eat a carrot too… the colour orange is supposed to be good for digestion

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