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Sake on a Flower

tastes fruity & flowery & fresh

               I love eating flowers.  Picking petals seems so delicate, and eating them seems very divine or decadent. (or crass from the flower's point of view, i suppose)  The trick is to find flavours that are subtle enough to not overpower your flower.  Make sure you get the right species of flower (the Latin name to be safe)– growing your own is fun, or farmer's markets sometimes have options, possibly gourmet stores. 

Viola Tricolour (Heartsease, Johnny Jump Up, Wild Pansy) are those tiny flowers that look like little sisters to the violets bred large for modern gardens. (viola tricolour pictures).  They are good for the brain and the heart and the adrenal glands and more!  Plus they taste like a mild spearmint with fun overtones…..And purple basil is just one of many varieties of basil, I just think it goes best in this drink… after all, how often does one get to eat purple anything??  Sake is a sweetish Japanese wine that has a light flavour when mixed with other things, and no, i didn't choose it for the vitamin content. 

If you are lucky enough to have a strawberry patch, here is a wonderful way to celebrate any excess you can muster:—freeze strawberries whole and separate (on a cookie sheet), after they are hard you can jumble them in a container.


makes two drinks (you need a blender that can handle ice crushing.)

  • 5 or 7 frozen strawberries (med. size)
  • 6 viola tricolour flowers
  • 4 purple basil leaves
  • 2 ice cubes
  • sake (use as half the liquid)
  • soda water to cover stuff in blender
  • glug of maple syrup

whizz, pour into pretty glasses and garnish with extra flowers

(and i suppose for drink mixing, counting flowers can be considered a measurement of sorts..)