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Miso Soup

It is hard enough to get enough protein and B-vitamins in our North American carb-heavy diets, never mind trying to do it while being a vegetarian that doesn't like eggs or dairy!  Nut butters can only take you so far:)

Miso is a fermented soy paste that is basically used like a bouillon.  It is a nice mix of vitamins, minerals, protein, and enzymes and is super easy to digest.  In Japan miso is eaten with every meal (along with rice).  I believe it is a great way to fill in the gaps of our nutrient starved diet. 

a whole bunch of stuff about miso

Traditionally made with a dried fish stock called dashi, you can just omit this for veggie friendly versions.  Wakame is the usual seaweed, but i've used any seaweeds i can get my hands on, they are all great for you and they each have their own fascinating nutritional profile. 

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  • don't boil miso, add it last so you don't kill it  
  • lighter coloured miso is sweeter and milder  
  • darker coloured miso is stronger and saltier (my favorite)  
  • Miso goes with anything where you want a savoury depth of flavour, hot or cold!
  • seaweed is easier to snip with scissors if dried, or soak to remove more salt and make easier to chop
  • mash miso paste with a small amount of boiled water before adding to pot for easier mixing
  • all amounts (or lack of..) are ready for tailoring to your tastes!

Easy miso recipe:

boil pot of water

add seaweed (soaked and chopped or dry and crumbled in my lazy way)

add chopped tofu (any style)

add any veggies you can find in your fridge

cook 5-10 min (depending on veggies)

take off heat

add miso (at least 1TBSP per 1-2 cups water)

add chopped green onions

EAT!!  as often as possible