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My health To Do list

top of  my to do list:


  • hormones…….(balance them)
  • activity…………..(get some)
  • regularity………(yes i mean the plumbing kind)
  • i think my chin is getting fatter….

and fortunately they are all related! so lets get started…. well at least lets get writing some more so i can procrastinate a little longer on the activity thing…

Now Myself, i favour food and herbs first… mostly because i am a control freak and i can watch them come out of the ground myself, and also process them myself if i so desire.  After that, vitamins to correct imbalances, homeopathics if fast results are needed (however a practitioner may be necessary), body work for practical muscular/joint or tension reasons, flower remedies and energetic styles of healing,  and surgery last last last last! and with more than one opinion behind it.



Currently taking fish oil on the waxing (growing) moon and evening primrose oil on the waning (shrinking) moon.

Haven't found concrete advice on Why this works yet, but i will get back to you.  It makes sense to me that the moon is involved, what with the 28 day cycle and its gravitional effects on the water of this earth (our bodies being mostly water apparently!).  I read somewhere that you can actually reset your cycle by choosing when you want it and then getting a soft white round light to put by your bed (mimicking the light of a full moon) for 3 days out of the month.  I have not yet tried this as it involves paying Way too much attention to myself, but if anyone has, lemme know.  This also illustrates how much Light affects our cycles but i guess that is kind of self-evident what with the sleeping in the dark and whatnot..



Many a time have i joined a gym/yoga class and prepaid and mabye gone twice ….I hope i can find it in myself to resist ever pre-paying again as a motivational tool!

For myself team sports has always been the answer, that or volunteering at a yoga studio in exchange for classes.  There is something to be said for other people depending on you to help get you out there.  Then again, there are plenty of people who drag their butts outa bed to go running, my sister still does and i did when i was younger but i never Liked it.  The key is to find something you like and try to have fun, it really does make Everything funcion better.

oh yeah, right now i'm um, walking… sometimes?  That and watching someone else play on the Wii fit gaming excersise program.  Mabye I'll try it out later, but i'm pretty sure typing counts for like 20 minutes or so of cardio!



Trying to take a multi for the B-vitamins, any good oils help, good bacteria, water water water and fibre fibre fibre!!!!  More on this later, as fibre has become something of an obsession for me.  A very attractive and sexy obsession!!


Chin expansion…

So far scowling in the mirror is my solution, and my solution to That is to stop looking in the mirror.  And mabye try harder to find a soccer team in my area.

I will check in periodically on my hopeful progress in these particular areas

Breathe deep.