Guest Authors for a Healthy Debate

Contributors to ToxIn the City:

Shawn Sage, health food store owner

Retail detail

Shawn Sage

Shawn is a late convert to the health food industry and is now the proud owner of the Vital Planet Health Shop on Lakeshore Ave W in Toronto, ON, Canada.  Shawn is working in the “front lines” as I like to call it.  He is a common sense connection to the world of retail and people living day to day.



Bridget Allin health and politics

politics, homesteading detail enthusiast

Bridget Allin

With years of experience in health food, critical discourse, politics of food and social experience, and a deep love for going back to the basics and making things from scratch (while listening to all her favourite new bands on the latest technology of course),  Bridget is the detail enthusiast that keeps me grounded.

Currently owner of a yarn shop Needles in the Hay in Peterborough, Ontario.



Jenn Sunset down home gourmet

Feed us!

Jenn Sunset

This simple exotic chef from Toronto,  down home gourmet is the only thing I can think of to describe what Jenn does in the kitchen.  She is not afraid of a good wine, a cheap wine, anchovies, or onions. She takes a love of precision and inclusion to create tasty, mysterious,  and nutritious masterpieces.  She is a good balance for my “use as few ingredients as possible and make sure to only dirty up one pot” style.  Yes, she will use Every dish in the house… while hoop dancing.

One thought on “Guest Authors for a Healthy Debate”

  1. How about a section on here for Cameo appearances from some older Crone’s. Perhaps a “Do you have a question” section, or a “Do you have a solution” section?
    I have both itching to write down, but no where on here could I find a spot. 🙂

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