Mayo 101

Do not make mayonaise in a personal smoothie drink blender!
So i loooove mayonaise ( and hollandaise sauce, and that ranch dipping sauce that comes with take-out pizza…. You get the picture). So I figured what better service to humanity than to figure out a super tasty, fast and nutrient dense home version? The kind to make Jamie Oliver beat down my door and shake my hand…
Being in a hurry and being the only person around me who eats mayo(?!), I figured personal size! Here I come! Did mention that I couldn’t be bothered to look up a recipe too? I know the general premise: blend egg yolk with vinegar/lemon and then slowly add oil until it thickens.
Maybe the ratio matters, or maybe it’s oil and Then vinegar, or maybe it’s the fact that the egg yolk took up so little space that it sat under the blades and so could not get pre-whippified.. Regardless, it was runny and oily and kinda gross and I had to add a whole bunch of tofu just to thicken it up.
I have not given up (think flax oil, fresh lemon, herbs) but I will get back to you after a little extra research and equipment sourcing.
Back to the vitamin packed margheritas with my little blender!

One thought on “Mayo 101”

  1. For small amounts try using a food processor rather than a big blender, does a much better job. Also you might want to look up a recipe on the internet just for the order of ingredients 🙂 – or ask ‘Mom’ to look it up in one of her ancient old fashion recipe books!

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