Little Projects

This is where i do little experiments on myself (and mabye my cat and/or my Good friends) and report back!

Lets begin shall we?



Baking Soda and the Hair

One thought on “Little Projects”

  1. I have started a little project called: I love animals BUT:
    How to safely inhibit my neighbours 7 cats from defecating in my vegetable garden?
    So far I have tried:
    1. keeping the garden wet (hasn’t been entirely successful)
    2. covering exposed soil with boards, tarps etc. (a pain to keep taking on and off when it rains, and the slugs like to gather under such things and proceed to eat the nearby plant leaves :-{ )
    3. Using square foot gardening techniques so when plants are grown there is not enough space between them for loose soil.
    4. spreading a little pepper on the exposed soil
    5. Spreading used coffee grounds on top of the exposed soil.

    All three of the latter ones have worked but the first one requires waiting for plant growth.
    The down side is it has to be redone after a rain and I don’t know how the pepper and the coffee affects the soil and the nearby growing plants. So perhaps a little baking soda may need to be added in the fall to neutralize the soil again. Hmmm, I wonder if baking soda would work as a deterrent?? Any other ideas greatly welcome

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