IBS….its a dirty word

IBS….its a dirty word but somebody’s gotta say it! I personally prefer over pleasant dinner conversation..

Pay attention to what you eat and how you feel, this sounds obvious but nobody does it?! Start by seeing what happens when you eat/don’t eat dairy or wheat, and split them up so you don’t get a combo effect…

first things first…..

what does a healthy bowel act like? We would be going 2-3 times a day (after every meal) if we were functioning at optimum capacity. Apparently 1 big once a day is also ok, preferably in the morning. This is after your body has had a chance to clean up all the crap (ha ha!) from the day before and relax in sleep to allow the body processes to work. By big i mean Not little rabbit poo’s, but big and long and firm and floating!???? (dirty in so many ways)….

The body likes order and habit, the same time every day is preferable. This is one i have trouble with, as a hectic schedule and unhealthy eating habits make for irregularity in all aspects….

YES the bowels are affected by stress, worry and all manner of emotions. They have found neurons in the gut which act the same way as ones firing in the brain. Your gut reaction is more than just a saying, your belly is trying to tell you stuff! We should listen! This implies that the gut doesn’t just affect the brain but Is a part of the brain. The body mind connection as a scientific fact. (if you like your facts scientific:)


so this gets back to my fibre obsession

the things preventing normal bowel movements (other than emotional “holding”)

  • lack of fibre
  • lack of oils
  • lack of good bacteria
  • dehydration

seriously folks Just TRY the 2 liters of water a day that Everyone and their ass recommends and see what happens

35g a day of fibre is really hard to get without supplementing or being a vegan that eats nothing refined. Veggies and whole grains, thats where it comes from. Try counting if you are curious.

The enemies of bowel movements:

cheese, meat, white flour, eggs, bacon (because we all know bacon is it’s own category..) basically anything that is all protein, fat, or sugar/starch with no fibre.

Friend of bowel movements:

  • magnesium helps muscles relax (including intestinal muscles) — remember milk of magnesia…its a laxative!
  • B-vitamins/C-vitamins help ‘normal everything’ function… i know thats not very specific but they really do!
  • flax oil helps lubricate and relax, imagine a nice oil massage from the inside
  • herbs for stress
  • fibre supplements: –psyllium helps some people, the problem being it is comprised solely of soluble fibre…it absorbs a great many things, including all the water in your bowels to bulk it up. If you are already dehydrated you must drink many and more waters to compensate! We are designed to work with both soluble AND insoluble fibre, one absorbs toxins and stuff and one does more scrubbing and moving it along. Flax based fibres are a good route to take being comprised of equal parts soluble/insoluble plus oils. Flax is Canadian grown and easy to find organic….why add more chemicals or irradiation to an already strained system? There are also many good formulated combos out there, personally i find the supplement powder route the most effective when i refuse to keep track of my diet. Which i have to admit is common….

8 thoughts on “IBS….its a dirty word”

  1. I consider anything I spout off about as ‘free information’, use at your own risk:)

  2. Oh I forgot to say, I just love your articles, thanks for addressing the "dirt".  Going to try and adjust some of our eating habits which as the word "habit" suggests is not going to be easy.

  3. I am impressed with your research Colleen, as the latest in Neurology research confirms your comments about the mind body connection .  In fact there are "neurotransmitters" found in the gut and elsewhere in the body leading to the hypothosis that the "mind" is not in the head as we tend to imagine, but rather through out the whole organism we call our bodies.  IBS when it is severe leads to having the "runs" 5 or 6 times a day and this is the one that is even harder to address, and seems to be affecting more older adults. Medical journals confirm that there is a very strong relationship between stress and IBS ("internalized stress- do ya think?)  The issue of course is that perhaps to actually overcome IBS means not just watching what you eat but likely cleansing and dare I say councelling or some other effective way at least of dealing with one's underlying stress "issues".

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