Hot Brie with benefits!

(ok, ok! the real title is:)

Baked Brie with warm nuts and berries

Brie: (creamy kind is best – like a double cream brie)
Mixture: cashews, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries and gogi berries, raisins.

Put mixture all over brie and bake on low heat. Watch carefully as you don't want cheese to melt, just bake and soften
I found out the hard way that u keep the brie as one piece – I tried cutting it into smaller bits but it melted too quick on me – then it's wasted

A Jenn Sunset contribution.


(colleen's note:  How to make your cheesy dreams chock full of nutrients and flavour sensations!! mmmm   P.S. I'm pretty sure that i was the recipient of the "wasted" experiment…but i can assure you that the goo you are left with is still a delicous thing to spread around…)

serve with almost anything!

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