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the flu.. the flu..! what’re we to do (la la)

Apparently Still the most effective prevention is WASHING YER HANDS

Now this is a very emotional subject for all parties, and almost Everybody you meet has some opinion on the flu shot.  Putting aside how i feel about vaccinations in general and the current motivations that seem to be behind a push for everything from the chicken pox vaccine to the indirect “cancer” ones being pushed on young girls, the flu vaccine seems to be the most Advertised, poorly researched, poorly assessed, no follow-up, money going to ?? idea yet!

(ok, so not quite “putting Aside” i suppose…)  I know crazy diseases exist, I’m just not convinced vaccinating is our best choice.  I’d like to see a little more research regarding hygiene or other concurrent circumstances and pandemics, especially when the newest scary sickness kills less people than the so called regular flu….

For a quite balanced opinion with stats:

“Of the hundreds of studies on flu immunization campaigns, only about four are of sufficient rigour to say anything definitive. And two of those studies show the vaccine in question to be useless.”

For a little more scary ideas, but with big names attached: /SellingaPandemic

for reasons to Take the shot:

Turn on the TV, read the ads on bus/train/billboard…try typing in “flu vaccine proof” in Google and see what comes up.  Find me something that does not sound like hype, wishful thinking or fear mongering.  Granted sifting through search engine results and people’s tirades can be confusing and exhausting, but it seems to me that there is a holdover from the justified moral standpoint that medicine is the saviour of the world without a serious look into the system that supports the ideal.  Please, share your experiences with me!

ps…for what it is worth, as far as i am aware it is not Legal to be forced into the vaccine, only to be Guilted into it

A vaccine probably would not be available in the initial stages of population infection.[76] A vaccine cannot be developed to protect against a virus which does not exist yet.  Once a potential virus is identified and a vaccine is approved, it normally takes five to six months before the vaccine becomes available.[77] Plausible guesswork aside, it is my understanding that the body’s immune system reacts differently to airborne pathogens than to injected ones.  So the immunity itself is very hard to measure and i’ve never seen anyone get a follow up??

hmm, as to what I have to say about it?  I grew up pretty healthy, so i may be biased in that direction, however i am far more scared of Getting the vaccine than of Not getting it…

Last i saw, the flu was time to take 2-3 days off work, get some rest, and drink hot fluids.   I know the only time I get sick (which knock on wood only happens once every few years) with a cold/flu is when i am stressed, not stopping, and eating crap (usually dairy) as well as too much alcohol to counteract the stress.

If i feel a sore throat i first mentally punish myself for getting out of balance (This is NOT a recommendation….) then get on the sage tea/ ginger tea as much as i can drink, eat less, definitely eat no sugar and dairy and proceed to harder herbs as i deem necessary.  (echinacea if i catch it in the first 2 days, goldenseal if I am entirely too mucousy (substitute oregon grape root as a more ecologically sustainable herb), moving on to immune boosting bad tasting mushrooms and worse tasting oregano oil which burns but kills stuff good!)

Chinese medicine (the little i have gleaned from reading) says that we eat our disease, (i love that thought, after all our body can only work with what we give it.) and that to counteract  “cold, watery” disease one should consume “hot, spicy” stuff.  Hmm, sorry, can you say paraphrase??  However, this makes sense in a logical as well as instinctive sense.  We crave hot lemony drinks, chicken soups, warming ginger, spicy cayenne.

One herb course i took taught the most basic folk remedy:

combine garlic, hot peppers, ginger, onion etc. and let ’em soak in apple cider vinegar for 2 weeks…strain and consume if you can!  yuck but sounds comfortingly familiar doesn’t it?…plus you are not supposed to go socialize when you are sick, so the garlic shouldn’t bother you..

All this might not sound too city-ish….however in my humble opinion, if we are to survive the cement world, we Must learn how to take a breath, take a break and nurse ourselves back to health in the midst of whatever is happening around us.