come on Truth! Ensue already!

It's hard to jump past the instinctive defensiveness that arises when conversations include people of different philosophies.  Health care comes under that heading in my opinion (or philosophy!)..ha ha  How do you argue a platform that doesn't come within someone's sphere of belief or 'reality', and how do you listen to someone else's when you've spent your whole life seeing things work from a certain perspective?  I know I am guilty of It…I spent a lifetime in the forest before tiptoeing around the globe in wonder and curiosity, and I always find it surprising that it is not obvious to everyone how every step we take the earth can feel –and so can our neighbors. 

It makes sense to me that everything i put in my body is going to affect how i feel, and everything i believe stems from this.  So how do I have a conversation with someone who has spent their life ignoring their body to follow pursuits of the mind, or out of necessity because their particular body tends to bring them pain, or because they grew up in the city where it is simple survival to ignore most of what goes on around you.  How do i not be judgmental as i describe the pleasures of feeling good when I wake up in the morning after a day of not eating shit.  (and why oh why can i not do it more often?)

Did I just replace my Catholic upbringing (we are saved/they are not) ideology with my own brand of close-mindedness?  Eat Your Weeds or you will go to hell!! (and yes, i do mean dandelions, violets, chickweed, and the like)  And more likely that you will go in the ground and no self-respecting worms will touch you…..

I love the adage, "First, Do No Harm".  i suppose i am a "the means is as important as the end" kinda girl. 

And i think every health philosophy that i know of follows that pretty well except the current medical science model.  There is a thirst for knowledge that is provable, knowable , cuttable and put back together like lego-able, and of course "the one truth"..just like the "one true god"….I mean please!  have we not learned anything from trying to make different religions get along?  Can we not see that until EVERYone admits that, hmmm, maybe no-one knows the "ONE-Truth"…simply what's worked for them thus far.  Science simply breaks things into smaller and smaller components and figures if it only gets small enough and precise enough, Truth will Ensue.  And That Truth will cascade up through all the knowledge of the body and earth, colouring our view of the entire world.  the Best scientists are philosophers, making leaps, discovering new things, and unfortunately the most Powerful doctors are the ones who can convince people to follow their orders…or give them money. 

The Money, as usual, gives the power and the resources.  Whoever can convince the rest of their society to come along on their truth-jaunt, gains extra footholds as they rewrite the rules to include themselves as truth.  The heaIth food INDUSTRY is an alternative that is still on some level based on money, and who can convince the rest to buy their stuff.  So we are fighting the good fight using the tools of the 'enemy'.  Does that make us worse?  when our sense of validation still comes from the hierarchy that we are trying to dislodge, how do we not become them?  (However, without addressing Capitalism as another side on the philosophy-train, options are few.) 

I am grateful for the Internet these days  where info can be had and had and had again, and its up to our own brains to filter and decide what works for us.  Although my best retention still comes from a dialogue involving 1-2 authors and real paper.  (as Rupert Giles says, "books have a smell", that's why you can trust them) In the end it still comes down to the personal interaction.  Do you trust the knowledge the person speaking to you has, and especially how they wield it?  If we can just get past our egos and have some conversations…

2 thoughts on “come on Truth! Ensue already!”

  1. Aging gracefully and openly is the key in my humble opinion. As I slow down a little (I am very grateful for the opportunity to be retired with a modest income) I stop and ‘smell’ the earth. The earth, people and all that inhabits this amazing planet are ALL miracles and yes all connected. We can only listen to other views and opinions when we are not afraid, not isolating ourselves, and secure in who we are. If only every person could understand that they are a unique finely tuned ‘cell’ in a magnificent functioning body we call ‘life’ it would perhaps make it easier to work, live and love together. I believe there is ONE TRUTH and we are all seeking it. In the end it is actually written on our hearts at the moment of our coming into existence. The inner journey becomes more vital as we age, if we don’t try and hang onto Hollywood’s push for perpetual youth! And Ohhh what a journey it is! The world around explodes with colour and life, as it did when I was a young child. The key I believe is Love, yes with a capitol L. Not the fairy tale version or the romantic version but the Agape version.

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