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violet flower sake cocktail

Sneak Nutrition into Your Loved Ones! Tip #3: Bloody Caesar

Ok, so many of you might complain that this is cheating, but… so far it is one of the more successful sneaks.  You don’t even have to hide it!  You do however need to add Vodka.

Caesar, where have you been all my life?

Lime Wedge

  • rim the glass, (hey, none of that!!)  I simply mean run the lime around the edge to wet it……
  • squeeze and drop wedge into the glass (or garnish)
  • vit C, enzymes, lovely sour for that chinese medicine taste protocol, and well, it’s green?

Celery Salt

  • Here’s where I win!  For much cheaper, you can buy whole celery seeds and mortor & pestle or grind them up with coarse sea salt (see my tip #1:) and get creative!
  • Seaweed, pepper flakes from the garden – hand dried by needle and thread – or maybe chipotle?!  You see what I mean.
  • Just powder ’em all up and dump on a clean surface, then dip the edge of the limed-up glass in it so it sticks to the edge


  • hey!  It’s still H2O, water, hydration and all…
  • fill glass, whatever glass you use

1oz vodka

  • the cleanest of the alcohols, the only one allowed by naturopaths if you are on a candida diet (shhhhhh…)
  • sugarless, grain free*

*Interesting fact though, check the label… in my liquor store I could only find ONE brand made from potatoes.. I thought that was the basic premise behind Vodka!  But most of them are “winter grains” or wheat.  It’s distilled all the same, but STILL!  (pun intended)

bunch of Wort sauce, Worteshire, Worticheshire (who the hell named this?)
– a scoop on what’s inside 

  • shake it like a polaroid picture
  • i’m sorry for the above bullet point
  • its got fishies!!! heh.  (!vegan warning!)
  • apparently it’s the British answer to Vietnamese Fish Sauce
  • savoury and best not to think about the rest…
  • the real stuff is fermented, and that is good for the digestion and absorbtion of many minerals and vitamins


  • they say 2 dashes, I say 5+
  • I figure any chili sauce will do, made with vinegar
  • chili’s – if not messed with – are high in the vit C area too
  • pep up that digestive fire, warm up your cold nights

4oz Clamato Juice (spicy)

  • !redundant vegan warning!
  • spicy, clams, veggies, tomato paste, etc…
  • I’m sure on some bottle, somewhere, there is a claim for “{some number here} servings of veggies!”
  • clam broth, it’s gotta be good for something!
  • vit A (according to my label)

Pour into glass.

Add more celery salt, or salt and pepper.


  • this is the super veggie bonus addition round
  • half a celery stick
  • olives
  • asparagus for those fussy adventurous types
  • ideas?

My fuss-pot eater requests these, and has even bothered to learn how to make them!  I figure, what’s an ounce of vodka compared to all that other craziness?  Just don’t get in the habit of drinking them as your salad course.  I mean it.

Oh, Water… how do I count the ways?

As I now haunt the west coast of Canada, I constantly think that I have too much water in my life.  This would be external water.  What I am here to espouse is Internal water!  Otherwise known as hydration.

I am still baffled by the amount of people I meet who still don't try for the Doctor (no less!) Recommended dose of 8-10 glasses per day.  If a glass is 8oz… that's 2L of water!  Yes, you unbelievers!… 2 litres, minimum.

Now I have been lucky enough to grow up in a place where water is abundant.  As I listen to the stream outside my window, I do think about how I could possibly get enough water in the desert? Or does the body simply function differently?  I often worry about walking around the planet Dune and having to use recycled bodily water for hydration.  Have I simply been spoiled on water?

Well, those thoughts aside, water has helped me with:

  • PMS: water retention and bloating is caused by the body actually having too little water and having to store it.
  • Dry skin and lips, dry scalp
  • Sports, the muscles react better, faster and with less fatigue than if I have been lax in my water drinkage.
  • Constipation:  a dehydrated colon is a common cause of bowel issues. (magnesium helps the colon absorb the water)
  • Tiredness:  the body is made up of so much water, fluids is how almost every system in our body communicates (lymph, blood, digestive juices, intracellular fluid)
  • Headaches (mild-moderate):  some say that the glass of water you take with your 'Advil' is actually what cures the headache.
  • Toxicity:  soreness, tiredness, brain fog, joint problems, edema.  Water can dilute and flush toxins out of the body.
  • Thirst (haha)


Some books claim that dehydration is the cause of almost every major disease out there.  It's an extreme theory, but it doesn't hurt to try drinking water first, as it is the easiest and cheapest thing you can do for yourself (at least in my part of the world…)  Watch your electrolyte balance if you Only drink water (especially if you are sweating) and try to include some juices, herbal teas or (as all the hot yoga places say) Emergen-C.  Gatorade if you are desparate and in a sea of convenience stores instead of health food stores.

-what you are looking for is H20 with glucose, potassium, sodium and magnesium.  (limes or Apple Cider Vinegar, sea salt, molasses/raw sugar/maple syrup)
I will endeaver to find a tasty homemade substitute as I can't find my notes right now!

Just remember, when in doubt, drink water!

Sake on a Flower

tastes fruity & flowery & fresh

               I love eating flowers.  Picking petals seems so delicate, and eating them seems very divine or decadent. (or crass from the flower's point of view, i suppose)  The trick is to find flavours that are subtle enough to not overpower your flower.  Make sure you get the right species of flower (the Latin name to be safe)– growing your own is fun, or farmer's markets sometimes have options, possibly gourmet stores. 

Viola Tricolour (Heartsease, Johnny Jump Up, Wild Pansy) are those tiny flowers that look like little sisters to the violets bred large for modern gardens. (viola tricolour pictures).  They are good for the brain and the heart and the adrenal glands and more!  Plus they taste like a mild spearmint with fun overtones…..And purple basil is just one of many varieties of basil, I just think it goes best in this drink… after all, how often does one get to eat purple anything??  Sake is a sweetish Japanese wine that has a light flavour when mixed with other things, and no, i didn't choose it for the vitamin content. 

If you are lucky enough to have a strawberry patch, here is a wonderful way to celebrate any excess you can muster:—freeze strawberries whole and separate (on a cookie sheet), after they are hard you can jumble them in a container.


makes two drinks (you need a blender that can handle ice crushing.)

  • 5 or 7 frozen strawberries (med. size)
  • 6 viola tricolour flowers
  • 4 purple basil leaves
  • 2 ice cubes
  • sake (use as half the liquid)
  • soda water to cover stuff in blender
  • glug of maple syrup

whizz, pour into pretty glasses and garnish with extra flowers

(and i suppose for drink mixing, counting flowers can be considered a measurement of sorts..)

for kelly!

Miso Soup

It is hard enough to get enough protein and B-vitamins in our North American carb-heavy diets, never mind trying to do it while being a vegetarian that doesn't like eggs or dairy!  Nut butters can only take you so far:)

Miso is a fermented soy paste that is basically used like a bouillon.  It is a nice mix of vitamins, minerals, protein, and enzymes and is super easy to digest.  In Japan miso is eaten with every meal (along with rice).  I believe it is a great way to fill in the gaps of our nutrient starved diet. 

a whole bunch of stuff about miso

Traditionally made with a dried fish stock called dashi, you can just omit this for veggie friendly versions.  Wakame is the usual seaweed, but i've used any seaweeds i can get my hands on, they are all great for you and they each have their own fascinating nutritional profile. 

seaweed link


  • don't boil miso, add it last so you don't kill it  
  • lighter coloured miso is sweeter and milder  
  • darker coloured miso is stronger and saltier (my favorite)  
  • Miso goes with anything where you want a savoury depth of flavour, hot or cold!
  • seaweed is easier to snip with scissors if dried, or soak to remove more salt and make easier to chop
  • mash miso paste with a small amount of boiled water before adding to pot for easier mixing
  • all amounts (or lack of..) are ready for tailoring to your tastes!

Easy miso recipe:

boil pot of water

add seaweed (soaked and chopped or dry and crumbled in my lazy way)

add chopped tofu (any style)

add any veggies you can find in your fridge

cook 5-10 min (depending on veggies)

take off heat

add miso (at least 1TBSP per 1-2 cups water)

add chopped green onions

EAT!!  as often as possible