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Our goal at ToxIn the City its to keep the art of learning in the form of storytelling and participatory dialogue alive. (Ironically online?)  We strive for accuracy within the limits of our time and resources.  These are our experiences and  everything here is opinion and what we choose to do with it.  Please don’t treat any information on here as medical advice, and for serious issues you may want to consult someone whom you choose to put in charge of your health.

A Mandate?

I have an interest which fluctuates back and forth between a mission in life, an obsession, and a passing phase depending on which day you catch me on.  It is this:

How can we live healthy and sustainably.  ALL of us, the whole planet, without having to shove idealism around or ignore and excuse half the things we do….Now that is LARGE, so I smallered it up a little

  1. Seeing as the only thing we can control is ourselves, How do we live day to day without disconnecting  from the world around us.
  2. How do we improve this earth without giving up civilization and moving to the country (cause their ain’t enough country left for everybody!)

Basically, how can we live in the City sustainably and without destroying our health?

(and without necessarily being rich… hmmm)

colleen costello healthy living cartoon

Colleen Costello

I have worried about the environment ever since i came down from my tree on the outskirts of Prince George, BC and started breathing city air.  It was subtle, pervasive and Confusing!  Yeah, I could go plant trees, but the warning on the boxes said not to get pregnant anytime soon ’cause they are so sprayed with chemicals.  Sure I could go pick up garbage, but people kept throwing it.  I could worry and worry and argue and preach but all that did was make people irritated and angry.  And protesting large organizations only seemed to fortify their defenses and make them more impenetrable. Plus who was I to dictate what this world needed?

I studied sciences, but felt unsatisfied.  I went into the wild and studied herbs, went to the city and worked in a health food store, grew things in the ground whenever I could find some, studied nutrition and various other facets of the body/mind and observed the direct effects of these things on myself and the people around me.   Where I learned the most was simply talking to people (oh yah, and listening!) and hearing their experiences.  I was lucky enough to be encouraged towards activity my whole life, and eventually came to the realization that Health and everything else are connected…

… if we spend our days consumed by our very own body, we have few resources left to care about the world around us, or even other people around us.

So!  The most useful (and rebellious;) thing we can do is to stay healthy, and stay engaged….good for us and everything else!!

My Panel of Healthberts

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